Framer for UX Design

Free download Framer for UX Design. This tutorial/course is created by Emmanuel Henri and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Prototyping, Web and User Experience skills are covered in this course.

Framer is a macOS application for creating JavaScript-based prototypes quickly and easily. This course provides UX and interaction designers with the skills they need to get up and running with Framer for UX design. Instructor Emmanuel Henri shows how to use the visual design tools as well as a little bit of CoffeeScript code to build engaging prototypes. He also shows how to import assets from programs like Sketch, add animation, and insert interactions. At the end of the course, you’ll have new skills and a basic watchOS project you can use as a jumping off point for your own UX prototypes with Framer.

Topics includes:

  • Importing designs from Sketch
  • Inserting and styling screens
  • Adding animation
  • Programming with variables and objects
  • Programming with functions and code snippets
  • Adding interactions
  • Adding animation
  • Finalizing a Framer prototype

Welcome to this course on Framer, a prototyping tool used by startups and Fortune 500 companies to design and bring applications and websites to life. In this course we’ll walk through the basics of this amazing software, and you’ll have a great starting point from which you can explore any prototypes you may want to tackle down the road. You’ll learn how to import assets from other software, how to animate, and add interactions, and finally you’ll learn to code with a little CoffeeScript in the context of Framer.

Along the way, we’ll build an Apple Watch prototype. It’s an adventure story featuring cool characters and a dangerous creature called the Vreeg. So, without further ado, fire up Framer, and let’s get started.

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