Building Web Applications with Ajax

Free download Building Web Applications with Ajax. This tutorial/course is created by Sasha Vodnik and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Web and Web Development skills are covered in this course.

Ajax revolutionized web development by allowing developers to create interactive client-side applications that communicated with servers only when necessary, skipping the constant refresh cycle of earlier models. While Ajax usually makes applications run smoother, it can also introduce strange performance and resilience issues. In this course, Sasha Vodnik provides you with the details you need to create fast and reliable web applications using Ajax in the background. Sasha dives into the basics of XHR—the fundamental building block of Ajax—as well as the newer Fetch API. Plus, he explains how to write Ajax whether you’re using AngularJS, React, or jQuery. Throughout the course, he shares tips for making smart code design decisions.

Topics includes:

  • Setting up your environment
  • Obtaining API keys
  • Working with XMLHttpRequest
  • Working with the Fetch API
  • Creating an Ajax request in jQuery
  • Working with data returned from a jQuery Ajax request
  • Creating an Ajax request in AngularJS
  • Using an Ajax request with React
  • Structuring Ajax requests

Ajax is the backbone of interactive, high-performance web apps. And between popular frameworks and libraries, and native JavaScript itself, there are a whole lot of ways to make an Ajax request, and to work with the response on today’s web. I’m Sasha Vodnik, a web developer, author and educator. In this course, I’ll develop your foundational knowledge of XHR, the fundamental building block of Ajax, as well as the newer Fetch API.

We’ll also explore how to write Ajax, whether you’re using AngularJS, React, or jQuery. Throughout the course, we’ll explore how to make the right decisions for designing your code, no matter which framework or library is thrown at you. Let’s get started.

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